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Natalia Elizabeth

CEO & Founder
Be Your Craft
Manhattan, New York
From a young age, Natalia has been enthralled with the desire to inspire. With a larger than life story, an army veteran, motivational speaker, actress, filmmaker & the founder of Be Your Craft Inc., she has served her imagination well by diving head first into challenging opportunities. Be Your Craft Inc provides an empowering creative space for personal, entrepreneurial, and artistic development. Natalia has developed a well-rounded understanding for various industries with a combined experience of working on projects with major networks such as NETFLIX & ABC Television Studios, coaching corporations, entrepreneurs and leaders from around the globe. She has two master’s degrees, the first in Organizational Leadership and the second in Communication Arts and recently became a Ph.D. student in Expressive Arts. As an award-winning Producer, Actress & Director Natalia has discovered a unique way to connect her life events into heart-wrenching and amusing stories. Her director's eyes are vivid in both color and life, giving the story and characters an opportunity to push beyond cultural boundaries. Natalia is a proud soldier for life and her motto is "always move with creative purpose."

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